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Thought #19. The art of negation.

No human being is perfect. I wonder what it was about my upbringing that made my mind restless and inquiring. I can ill afford slackness, except for catnaps (or as we say in Spain siestas), which as a general rule, I enjoy day in day out. I have a marked tendency to oversleep. It must be something deeply ingrained in my idiosyncrasy as three alarm clocks are not enough to wake me up in the morning.

I also have to openly confess that I do not believe in God, at least, not yet. My wife is always telling me that I cannot answer a simple question if it does not start with the word no. Am I a negative person? Or even worse, am I the type of person who never looks on the bright side (aka a pessimistic)? No, I do not personally think so.

Having strong, subjective or even dissenting opinions does not abolish the right to articulate my own ideas or beliefs. It is widely known as freedom of speech. I can understand that brief silence could sometimes be a better substitute of overwhelming negation. Now that I think… definitely, it might be wiser. I will save it for further consideration, food for thought.

For those who will never take no as an answer I cannot enthusiastically endorse their attitude. No, I am not a dismissive person per se. It just so happens that sometimes the answer cannot be a simple yes. Can you imagine what would happen if I ask them to stop asking me the same question again and again? Learning to say no takes a long time, especially when you are either a teenager or in your twenties (or thirties, or forties).

The problem arises when you change your mind about something. You can find yourself grappling with contradictory ideas that are entirely different from those you cheaply sold in the past. You do not need to mull your new point of view over. Just speak your mind!

Considering that I am so scientific-bound a person, the evidence proves beyond doubt that I will always be prone to disavow any connection with religion. But I have the right to chew it over and eventually, I should be able to change my mind, or not.