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Thought #41. Look on the bright side.

However hard you try, nothing seems to work. This is a situation which may sound all too familiar to most of people. When we find ourselves on the horns of a dilemma, especially when there are too many clouds on the horizon, it is challenging to make the right choice. A dilemma normally involves two equally undesirable alternatives. And still, if you look on the bright side, the fact of having the choice is by itself something good enough.

How we learn to make conscious decisions is probably the crucial question. In order to broaden your experience in the art of decision-making, take into account that fear is the worst enemy. Fear of change, particularly, has been broadly studied by psychologists and researchers all over the world. I would say that we normally tend to exaggerate the importance of our own dilemmas. Inwardly, it may seem the most important ones but, if you openly share your problem with, for example, a friend, a new point of view could melt your niggling worries.

Coldly considering the action of making decisions can improve the chances of success. You can weigh your alternatives, but most importantly, you must let your hair down and try to wind down. A put off decision is better than a hastily made. Sometimes, however hard you try, nothing will work until you manage to stand back from your quandary. This little space between you and your problems might be enough to discover some overlooked facts that could tip the balance firmly in favour of an apparently worse choice.

Thought #4. Hi Spring!

A new season has just been ushered in. Thousands of flowers species ready to bloom any minute now. Life can be predictable but nobody could deny its colourful and dazzling display. Yet all that glitters is not gold. Believe me, ask around and you’ll find out how many people suffer from seasonal allergies and many other mood related changes historically bound to this time of year.

I would tell them “look on the bright side”, at least with the spring equinox nights are going to shrink and this means longer days to let your hair down.

A glass of your preferred beverage, a good read and plenty of time to unwind after work. Feeling that you have all the time in the world will help you to focus on those things you’ve being putting off during winter. As Marta says: take care of yourself and enjoy the sun.