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Thought #10. Foreplay.

– “Dearest Sucre, you know full well that neither will I stand in your way if you want to have intercourse with her, nor am I asking you to pose as an accomplished dog.” Sucre was watching the clock. “Shall I give you a piece of advice?”, I told him tactfully.

– “Sure, go ahead” was his quick response.

Deep down, I knew he was going to ignore it.

– “Please, don’t be so rough, a bit of foreplay would pave the way. Look for a beautiful hideout. ”

Later on, it just so happened that his fiancée was only in the mood for a play date. Sucre, unable to think clearly, had a knee-jerk reaction and started to shiver.

– “Darling, you look worried; what’s the matter?”, she asked him uneasily.

It seemed as though my appeal was going to fall on deaf ears.

Without further ado, his gloomy expression apparently did the trick. He was coaxing her beloved girlfriend into stopping the child’s play. He threw caution to the wind and had the cheek to mount her in public.

– “I’m so ashamed of you!”, I shouted angrily.

According to eyewitnesses I shouldn’t have taken exception to what Sucre did. They claimed that it would be highly unwise to consider Sucre’s behaviour as a punishable offence.

I don’t consider myself prudish but I do think that the display of sex scenes in public borders on indecency.

Thought #6. A dog’s life.

I’d always had mixed feelings about dogs, keeping them away for fear of being bitten while aching for having one of them as a pet. Sucre is a birthday present I gave to my wife on 2010, the year before we got married. I’m lost for words when it comes to describing the strong bonds that emerged out of the blue between we and him.

Human beings have been domesticating dogs since ancient times. And their unique and special way of communicating with humans has become one of the most successful when compared to any other domestic animal.

Maybe there is no clear evidence but based on my intuition I think many of us are hardwired to love dogs. At least, I am. No matter how hard my family had been discouraging me, I finally got away with it.

Sucre was still a puppy when he joined our family. At the beginning we struggled to get him poo and wee on the street. By using positive reinforcement we managed to change some of his wayward conducts into good deeds.

His nature is true and pure, unique and special. Being a mongrel, Sucre could easily have ended up as a stray dog. Luckily, he forms an integral part of our inseparable family and we are proud of it. More than living a dog’s life, since that summer of 2010 we are in seventh heaven.