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Thought #12. My cup of tea.

Prose is thought put to page. In other words, should you have a brain, you can write. Easy-peasy. And yet, each time you face a blank sheet of paper you are in potential danger of running out of steam. It might be a lack of ideas or an excess of niggling worries. Maybe today’s dismal weather or a heavy lunch has made you sluggish. Listing all possible causes would be a never-ending task.

Take it easy. You knew perfectly well that blogging was not going to be child’s play. Nevertheless, the benefits of writing regularly can easily outweigh the difficulties and frustrations. The beauty of writing or “thinking into paper” is that there are hardly any rules to constrain you.

Some time ago, I came across a telling argument against the so-called “Writer’s Block”, a condition in which an author loses the ability to produce new work. Apparently, laziness is not the chief reason for this blockage but the disdain that authors have towards their own work. Obsessive perfectionism can eclipse the author self-awareness like deluded self-righteousness can isolate any razor-sharp mind.

Therefore, my best advice is to have a nice cup of tea or go dancing, whatever. It is perfectly normal to not feel like doing it now. Put it off. And again, take it easy because you do not need to forego your creature comforts. After all, if writing is really your cup of tea, you will eventually go back to your blank sheet of paper and start to put thought to page.