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Thought #4. Hi Spring!

A new season has just been ushered in. Thousands of flowers species ready to bloom any minute now. Life can be predictable but nobody could deny its colourful and dazzling display. Yet all that glitters is not gold. Believe me, ask around and you’ll find out how many people suffer from seasonal allergies and many other mood related changes historically bound to this time of year.

I would tell them “look on the bright side”, at least with the spring equinox nights are going to shrink and this means longer days to let your hair down.

A glass of your preferred beverage, a good read and plenty of time to unwind after work. Feeling that you have all the time in the world will help you to focus on those things you’ve being putting off during winter. As Marta says: take care of yourself and enjoy the sun.

Thought #3. The end justifies the means.

Beniatjar, Valencia. Sunday afternoon.

Lolling around on the Calvary, the sun glaring right in my eyes, I feel rejuvenated. Our body has been designed to overcome difficulties. The brain can providentially forget those trifling fears that sometimes are able to keep us sleepless, staring up at our bedroom ceiling all night long.

Sucre is lying on a stone bench by me, quiet and peaceful. Wagging his tail occasionally as a sign of happiness. Aware of the companionable silence, who knows? No other human being around to talk to, I can free my mind.

There is no single niggling worry at the back of my head. I can now do my own thing. Sometimes a bit of self-awareness and selfishness is not harmful. The end justifies the means.

Thought #2. A pain in the neck.

Saturday morning. By the blazing sunshine invading my bedroom through every little hole in the curtains, I guess it may be around ten in the morning. Luckily, oversleeping is not going to cause me any inconvenience. It’s weekend, indeed, a long weekend as next Monday is a local bank holiday.
– ‘Honey, honey!’ I shout to grab Marta’s attention.
The door bursts open as she appears. Her radiant smile and the sparkle in her blue eyes, signs of a woman still deep in love.
– ‘What do you want for breakfast?’ she asks almost whispering.
I wonder how well she is able to read my mind. Only a raised eyebrow and a freshly squeezed orange juice with a toast is waiting for me in the kitchen.
As I prepare myself to get out of bed, a terrible pain freezes me, I’m unable to make the slightest movement. A pain in the neck which is a far cry from those I find at work, pernickety individuals incapable of seeing the wood from the trees.
This pain, however, is different, a simple one that hopefully will wear off in a couple of days.

Thought #1. Practice makes perfect.

Since last summer, my burning ambition is to become fluent in English. As many of you may know there is a famous English saying that goes “practice makes perfect”. To achieve my ambition I know full well that I need considerable drive and determination.

After working very hard with Mrs Robertshaw, my extraordinary online English teacher, I managed to get very high marks on the “Cambridge English: First” exam I sat in December. Then, I decided to continue my English journey by attending Mr Palmer English classes. He is probably the funniest and most knowledgeable teacher I have ever had.

Classes apart, I’m constantly exposed to a miscellany of English resources such as podcasts, newspaper articles, TV shows and films, and literature. To improve my vocabulary, I keep a notebook (actually, it’s not a proper notebook but a spreadsheet) where I regularly add all the new vocabulary or expressions that I found. Indeed, I can barely catch up with them all, so there is an increasing number of words, expressions, idioms and chunks of language on my waiting list.

A spin-off of my Notebook is the production of memorising materials in the form of flashcards (see my Quizlet profile) and categorised word lists (see my Memrise profile) which I constantly keep up-to-date. This is all very time-consuming but worth doing.

However, I always felt that there was something missing until today. I ‘skyped’ Mrs Robershaw on account of preparing the C2 Certification Exam that I’m going to take in June and she gave me a very useful piece of advice on putting the language in practice. “Why don’t you write a blog?” she said. And this is my very first entry.