Saturday morning. By the blazing sunshine invading my bedroom through every little hole in the curtains, I guess it may be around ten in the morning. Luckily, oversleeping is not going to cause me any inconvenience. It’s weekend, indeed, a long weekend as next Monday is a local bank holiday.
– ‘Honey, honey!’ I shout to grab Marta’s attention.
The door bursts open as she appears. Her radiant smile and the sparkle in her blue eyes, signs of a woman still deep in love.
– ‘What do you want for breakfast?’ she asks almost whispering.
I wonder how well she is able to read my mind. Only a raised eyebrow and a freshly squeezed orange juice with a toast is waiting for me in the kitchen.
As I prepare myself to get out of bed, a terrible pain freezes me, I’m unable to make the slightest movement. A pain in the neck which is a far cry from those I find at work, pernickety individuals incapable of seeing the wood from the trees.
This pain, however, is different, a simple one that hopefully will wear off in a couple of days.