Meeting Ania Vouloudi

Ania Vouloudi is a photographer I have met on Flickr. She has a unique way of seeing the world and a beautiful sense of capturing the essence of everyday moments.

“I care for the feelings that a photo can cause, I care for the visual result not for the description of it in words.”

Ania Vouloudi


What is for you street photography?

Literate depictions of an in fashion term. Streets, asphalt, sidewalks, squares and parks. But “street” doesn’t mean that you have to be in the streets. It’s about being plain, pure, vague and candid.


When did you start taking street pictures and why?

I was attracted from the beginning to the unexpected subjects and results.


For you, what is your best shot. Can you explain how you got it?

I chose this.


bed, folklore, love, modern times, bulgaria. It might not be the best and not even my favorite but I picked it effortlessly.

Any advice?

Eat well, get enough sleep




A book.

Encima del subsuelo – Kostas Vrachnos

Would you recommend a photographer or group to whom we should follow?

dirtyharrry (Charalampos Kydonakis). His work is avant-garde in a time when everything seems to have happened before.


To learn more

Ania Vouloudi, a gallery on Flickr.