Apoyada en la pared, espera… Probablemente espera a que llegue su pareja para irse a comer juntos. Pero, ¿espera algo más? Quizá espere que su hipoteca acabe de pagarse, que su jefe no le grite, que su pareja sea más cariñosa con ella y un largo etc. En definitiva, que las cosas mejoren. Mientras tanto, se enciende un cigarrillo y mira con cierto aire de desencanto el futuro. Le sobra realismo, le falta ilusión.

Leaning on the wall, she waits… Probably, she is waiting for her partner to go and have lunch together. Is she waiting for something else, though? Maybe she expects her mortgage to be paid at last, her boss not to yell at her, her partner to be more affectionate with her, and a long etc. In short, she wants everything to improve. Meanwhile, she lights up a cigarette and looks ahead with a slight disappointment. She exceeds in realism, hopelessly.

© Photography by Alberto Pérez Pastor – © Text by Marta Gómez Ballester